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Blue Norther Investments is a professional agribusiness and ag-biotechnology consulting firm. Just as a "Blue Norther" signifies a major change in the weather, we embrace the same type of unstoppable, disruptive and massive change that can happen in business. Disruption and change equal fear and perplexity for the unprepared. However, it means opportunity for those prepared to act swiftly and willing to challenge conventional thinking. We embrace disruption and capture change, skillfully manage it, and prepare our clients to profit from it. 

What is a Blue Norther?

A “Blue Norther” is an old Texas weather expression. It describes a disruptive weather event characterized by a rapid, massive change in temperature, rain and wind. We would find a hilltop or field with an unobstructed view and watch the blue northers blow in. On a beautiful fall day a big white cloud bank would arise in the northwest, marching steadily and unstoppable across the countryside. Containing wind and rain, the clouds would take on a dark, deep blue-gray color as they got closer, hence the description “blue norther.” When a blue norther hits, the wind and rain whip wildly. The temperature drops rapidly and a dramatic change in the weather occurs within a few minutes, leaving behind a crisp, bracing shock of dry, clean, Arctic wind.

Learn how we can help you solve problems and realize opportunity in the complex, rapidly changing business of crop protection, advanced crop health and ag-biotech. 

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