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Ventures and Alliances

A “venture” can mean everything from a formal joint venture to a strategic partnership that is focused on a single product, technology or service. It can also mean the acquisition, sale or divestiture of a business unit or a company. Interacting at senior executive levels around the world, we serve as an intermediary to discreetly identify the right company, partner, alliance or opportunity. We also can help clients define the correct strategy to assure a smooth transition and profitable outcome.

Proof of Concept

Determining the strategic or commercial viability of a product or service is crucial at two different stages. At the early stage, concept testing will identify the nature of benefits that accrue to the user. Later stage testing is necessary to determine the scalability of these benefits under field-level, “real-world” conditions. We assist clients in organizing a plan and method for obtaining proof of concept of a service or product at both stages.

Growing Plants

Market & Competitive Evaluation

We assist clients in evaluating the competitive landscape. Then we analyze, craft and articulate the correct value proposition and the marketing strategies needed to support the product launch.

Regulatory Review

Plant health and crop protection products around the world are governed by an array of federal and state regulations. Biological products, such as biostimulants, face yet a different set of hurdles from one jurisdiction to the next. And organic certification rules vary around the world. Adding to this complexity are agrochemical manufacturer "approval" programs that govern spray adjuvants and other materials that are tank-mixed with certain crop protection products. This can be a confusing, dangerous minefield. We clarify which rules and regulations apply, then we connect clients to the proper regulatory and industry professionals to provide last-mile service needed to obtain product approval.

Inside Greenhouse

Commercial Strategy

Once the marketing direction is set, the product still needs to move through the sales channel. We help companies identify, develop, implement and execute the correct training and sales management activities that enable a friction-less movement of products or services to the end user. Clients benefit from our network of contacts and our expertise in the product development, manufacture, distribution and sale of crop protection, plant nutrition and advanced biotech products.


Agribusiness requires land. The production of food and fiber is the world’s most important business. Recreational opportunities near major urban centers also require open space. Blue Norther Investments, through our 82 Ventures project, helps identify land investment opportunities in Northeast Texas for those seeking long-term capital appreciation. We connect investors with a very select group of licensed real estate professionals, attorneys, appraisers and surveyors to handle the transactions. Blue Norther will manage the process on behalf of the investors. Because we grew up, live and work in the northeast Texas area, we know whom to trust and we know where the true opportunities lie.

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