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Subsidiaries & Projects

45th & Farm, LLC

45th & Farm, LLC, the agribusiness subsidiary of Blue Norther Investments, provides management consulting services to firms in the burgeoning bio-products sector. We help companies obtain proof of concept, then assist management in developing a path-to-market and commercialization strategy for advanced crop health and plant defense products.  Another area of expertise is on the deployment of next-generation surface active materials designed to help crop protection sprays function at the optimum peak. This product category encompasses spray adjuvants, surfactants and other spray modifiers.

82 Ventures – A Project of Blue Norther Investments

82 Ventures, managed by Blue Norther Investments, is a project designed to help investors locate prime investment-grade raw land in Northeast Texas. The focus is on farmland, range and pasture, timber and recreational land located outside the immediate Dallas – Ft. Worth metropolitan area, but within a 2.5 hour drive. Targeted to investors in Hong Kong and Asia, 82 Ventures will make the connection between investors and a very select group of licensed realtors and real estate professionals to identify land with a high potential for long term appreciation. 82 Ventures will manage the process and provide management and advisory services to landowners and tenants.

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